Welcome to Ban Loong Hotel Heritage Stay

About Ban Loong

A home away from home to rest and rejuvenate. Bask in the long history of this building we are housed in and discover the rich culture & history of Ipoh Old Town, all within walking distance of our humble abode.

Ban Loong Hotel is a heritage stay housed in the iconic building and we take pride in being the results of a heritage restoration project in the heart of Ipoh Old Town as well as the memories for this old buildings.

Come and experience its glorious history dating back the 1915, exposed brick wall and beautiful high ceiling by spending a few nights at Ban Loong Hotel.

Hoped that Ban Loong Hotel will be able to offer guests a slice of history within a real old town setting which is alive, working and real. Wake up to the heady aroma of white coffee that perfumes the air in the mornings, listen to the cacophony of banter between hawkers, go on a culinary adventure and experience living in the heart and soul of Ipoh.

Our Hotels

Hotel First Square @ First Square, Falim